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The Council Earns the Bronze for KOVAR 2001

Apr 24, 2001
The Council Earns the Bronze for KOVAR 2001!!!

1. Our goal this year was $24,470, and we achieved $26,066.15 which is the Bronze level of achievement. That breaks down to:

a. Payroll Pledges $1668

b. Cash/Checks $24,398

2. This weekend we raised over $22,000 in four days. Our collections for Thursday through Sat were behind last year's. However our Sunday collections was above and we finished comfortably ahead of our goal and at the bronze level.

3. Many thanks to all those who took the time to work a shift. For many it was a sacrifice of time as they were busy with home projects, children's activites or work requirments. We had around 80-100 council members. This represents almost a 33% turn out rate. We even got Brother Lou Cironi back from the Sterling Council to work KMart Thursday evening.

4. I would like to recognize those who contributed a more. The one problem with this, I may have overlooked some one. My apoligies if your name is missed.

a. Those who worked two shifts or two Masses:

Al Leightley, Bill Jayne, Pat Leffas, Ed Janiszewski, Frank Bohan, Sam Stafford, Bernie Garlock, Dave Todd Jr, Dave Todd Sr, Tim Hogan, Brian Hogan, Gregg Heartly, Jim Chapman, Dave Pacia, and George Rosenkranz.

b. Those who worked multiple shifts or Masses:

Rick Kotzenmacker, Larry Gottschalk, Matt Travers Jr., Mark Woznak, Jack Cotner, Marion Kuhlman, John Anzalone

c. Special thanks to the ladies who worked:

Flo Hogan, Thelma Billy, Frances Hannam , Pat Davis, Beth Chapman, Aria Flotz, Georgie O'Shea, Elaine Pepin and Ann Todd, the last two worked multiple Masses.

d. Special thanks to all the kids who were out this weekend:

Anastasia Warzinski; Himashi Abeysinghe; Ryan Whitcomb; Brendan Flattery; Kenneth Hansen; Erin and Christin Kohler; Conner and Alanna Furey; Paul and Joey McGiffen; James, Miguel and Maria Tulley; Dennis and Sara Mahoney;
Collen Duda.

e. Special Thanks to John Judge for the fine food available. This year we even had salads.

f. Final Special thanks to Hank Urban and Larry Novak for thier help in administrative, support and advice.

Tim Tilson

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