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Opportunity to Bankrupt the Grand Knight!

Oct 16, 2003 Three and a half months into the Fraternal Year, Fr Diamond Council is struggling with its membership drive. To date, we have brought four new members into the Order, with the Grand Knight proposing three of them. To help encourage recruitment, the Grand Knight has offered to purchase the meal (including a drink) for proposers on the night their candidates take the First Degree.

The Grand Knight hereby adds to the offer the following: The Grand Knight will pay for the dinner at the Grand Knight’s Ball for the Council’s Top Recruiter (defined as that member, be they from Fr Diamond Council or otherwise, who brings in more new members than any other member… including the Grand Knight). Additionally, if EACH member recruited by that Top Recruiter takes out an insurance plan through the Knights of Columbus, the Grand Knight will also pay the way for the Top Recruiter’s Lady.

If you have any questions about this offer, please contact Grand Knight Todd at djtoddjr@erols.com, or at (703) 385-2195.

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