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Leadership Duties & Responsibilities
Table of Contents

The Top Four
The Advisors
The Money Men
The Worker Bees

Christopher Columbus / Fr. McGivney Collage

The Top Four

Grand Knight [President]
  • Preside over all council meetings and functions
  • Represent the council at the Parish, District and State Levels
Deputy Grand Knight [Vice President]
  • Take over for Grand Knight in his absence
  • Monitor all programs and prepare reports on those programs as Program Manager
  • Membership - bringing in new members and ensuring they get through all degrees of the Order
  • Vocations - promote Religious life
Warden [Master at Arms]
  • Responsible for all degree supplies and the setup of the chamber for those degrees
  • Setup the chamber for all meetings and cleanup afterwards
  • Ensure food and beverages are provided for all events

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The Advisors

  • Audit the council financial and membership records
  • Advise the Grand Knight
Advocate [Parliamentarian]
  • Responsible for ensuring that all of Robert's Rules of Order and Supreme and Council By-Laws are followed and kept up to date
  • Represent the interests of the council during any legal actions
  • Responsible for education of the members via guest speakers

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The Money Men

  • Receive, Track and Disperse all funds of the council
  • Invest and report on those funds
Financial Secretary
  • Ensure all funds are properly accounted for
  • Ensure all membership documents and dues are in order

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The Worker Bees

Recorder [Recording Secretary]
  • Records all proceedings at meetings
  • Ensures that all motions, and their disposition, are recorded properly
  • Assist Warden in all his duties before, during and after meetings
  • Ensure all persons entering the chamber have the appropriate level of credentials

The Programs

  • Approves all charitable expenditures and donations and other charitable activities
  • Handles all religious oriented activities
  • Interacts with the community
  • Council / fraternal activities
  • Family oriented activities
  • Young people oriented activities
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