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KOVAR Weekend Apr 15 to 18th

Apr 14, 2004 Our council is collecting for its annual KOVAR drive this week from April 15-April 18. If you haven't signed up, there are still slots available. You can call Tim Cooke at 703-766-2911 to get your spot.

If you have signed up, but forgot where or when, please call Tim.

If you are on the first shift of the day or the first at a particular site for that day, please stop by Providence Hall before your shift and pick up the supplies for your location. When your shift is over, please bring your money back to the Hall, count your money and enjoy some food and drink.

If you run out of Tootsie Rolls or need something at your location, please call the Hall at 703-385-8007 or Tim on his cell phone at 703-850-2639.

Thank you very much for your help and support.

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