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Happy Advent! Items needed in Iraq

Dec 24, 2004 Happy Advent!

In case you'd like to send some Advent cheer to our military in Iraq, one of our consultants who works with the NFP program, Fr. Robert Cannon, is now in Bagdad ministering to our troops until April 2005, here is what Fr. Bob says
is needed:

We are trying to stay focused on a few key projects: school supplies for the children in the city, DVDs for the troops, flip flops for "little feet" and emergency clothing for our wounded soldiers.

1. School supplies:
Pens, pencils, colored pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, rulers, crayons, children's scissors, and zippered pouches. Paper, plain, colored, lined, etc. is always welcomed.

2. DVDs:
New and used DVDs of all types. Region 2, if possible. Region 1 is fine. No excessive vulgarity, nudity or violence. Comedy and heart warming stories are preferred.

3. Wounded soldiers:
When our soldiers come in from the field, they have no clothing with them, since they are arrive by medivac to the Combat Support hospital. They need emergency clothing: t-shirts, underwear, flip flops, pajamas, and light bath
robe. Once in Germany, they can get other clothing and gear. Sizes are, of course are men's small, medium and large.

4. For the poor of Iraq:
Over the counter medicine: Aspirin, antibiotic creams, band-aids, etc. There are so many children here that do not have shoes. Flip flops are cheap and you can mail a bunch of them inexpensively.

Mail supplies to

Lt. Col. Robert Cannon
JASG-C / Chaplain
APO, AE 09316

If you would like more detail, contact Fr. Cannon at


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