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Fundraiser for Susan Torres & Family

Aug 01, 2005 Members of Father Diamond Council,

As many of you already know, Brother Jason Torres and his wife Susan have suffered a horrific tragedy. On May 6th, Susan collapsed from a brain hemorrhage. She was rushed to the Virginia Hospital Center in Arlington, where she has been diagnosed with stage four melanoma and is brain dead with no hope of recovery. Susan was 17 weeks pregnant and although the doctors have given her no hope of survival, she is being kept alive and on life support into July to help give her baby a fighting chance at life.

At a recent Knight’s meeting, Dan and Mike Purtill asked everyone to consider paying for one day of Susan’s ICU care, $1500. Greg and I have decided to meet that challenge. (See attached letter for trust fund details and how you can contribute.) But this is only a small drop in the bucket compared to the financial needs they are facing. In an effort to escalate the awareness of their situation, and to help raise additional funds, I would like to solicit your support for the following fund raising effort.

As most of you know, I am a real estate agent licensed in Virginia. I would like to solicit the Council's support in searching for prospective home buyers and sellers. For any referral that results in a sale or purchase of a home, I will donate a portion of my commission to the Torres Family Trust Fund. The minimum contribution will be 10%, depending upon the details of that particular sale. This is a simple way that everyone can help out. We all know of someone looking to make a move. Something as simple as a phone call or personal introduction to that party can help make a significant impact on the funds needed to help the Torres family. Hopefully we can get enough response to make a difference! If you have any questions or want to pass along a referral, please call me at (703) 966-2014 or email me at mjhartley@hotmail.com

AS AN ADDED INCENTIVE: Greg and I are donating a one week stay at our beach house in Emerald Isle, NC. For each contribution or referral that comes our way to help the Torres's, your family's name will go into a hat for a drawing for a one week stay at the beach. See below for drawing details and specifics about the home.

Not many of us can comprehend the depth of pain that the Torres family is enduring. It is something we all pray will never happen to us. Many of us did not personally know Susan and now feel that was a missed opportunity. From talking to others who knew her best, we’ve come to learn what a special woman she truly was, and what a special marriage she and Jason had.

IN CLOSING, I think we can agree that life in Northern Virginia is very hectic for all of us. Our schedules are maxed out with work, commuting, volunteering, family, children and their sports.... to the point that most of us feel there is not one extra second to be spared and not an ounce of energy left. But I challenge each of us to look around at the many blessings God has given us and our families... our jobs, education, wealth, food, shelter, clothing, etc.... and see if we can open our hearts, our schedules, our kitchens, our wallets, or in any manner find a way to help a Brother Knight and family in need.

Marye Jo Hartley

Beach Week Details: 4 bedroom, 3 full baths, single family home at Emerald Isle, NC. The home is located in the gated community of Land's End, approximately 6 hours south of Fairfax. It backs to a pond and is 2 1/2 blocks from the beach. The development includes tennis courts, swimming pool and club house facilities. A golf cart is available for your use. The drawing will be held in August to coordinate with the efforts of Brothers Dan and Mike Purtill's fundraiser. (Please look for follow up emails regarding their fundraiser)

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