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Memorial Day 2005 from a Marine in Fallujah

May 31, 2005 The Attached letter is from Shawn Williams a Council Member and a Marine written on Memorial Day 2005 in Fallujah:

Greetings all, 31 May 2005

Memorial Day 2005 morning at Camp Fallujah has been quite memorable for me. I woke and told God I am ready to serve another day and then thanked my guardian angel for another night's protection. In getting ready for the day, I thought about the deaths of Marines five Marines I use to command until March 2004. (I was their company commander and it was time for the normal rotation of command) They were killed--one in October 2004 and four on 26 January 2005-in Iraq fighting to liberate the Iraqi people from a growing terrorist threat wrapped in the flag of islam. At the same time these young warriors were ensuring that the menace stays away from our shores. I mourned their loss and honestly wept bitterly that cool January 2005 morning at Camp Lejune North Carolina when I heard of four additional deaths within my former command. I knew all those Marines well, I spent six years in that company-platoon commander, executive officer, and company commander. After reminiscing about those losses, I thought about my unit's recent loss during Operation New Market. A follow officer that I met as my parent unit was being formed at Camp Lejune in early January 2005 was killed late week. He was a great, nice, funny, smart guy that was on his second tour to help the people where he was stationed to rebuild their part of Iraq. He will be missed. The command is having a memorial service for him tomorrow. On the Feast of Corpus Christi (yesterday-Sunday) the Holy sacrifice of the Mass was said for him, I pray requiescat in pace for him.

Well, as I close, I do not wish to make this little note downer, but I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and observations here. I wanted you to know about six brave men I knew. I know you all are being bombarded with the commercialization of this day. If it saddens you that some trivialize today, ignore it. Look into your heart on what is true and know that we are working on this day to maintain the fight. We are helping these people here grow freedom. And, as hard, long, and tiring this may be, we are happy to run with the baton of keeping America safe and free. Thank you all for your support and please continue to pray for us. Carpe Diem!

Sincerely from near the edge of the frontier,


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