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Care Package for Mike Chesney

Jun 17, 2005 Care Package is being put together by Bill Ward for Mike Chesney a former member of our Council who is currently in the Army and is in Afghanistan (Mike's Email to Bill is attached). Bill is purchasing items such as 2AA batteries, coffee and shaving cream.

Additionally, he is asking members of the Council to bring in paperbacks of best-selling authors and any good (relatively recent) magazines? Our next regular business meeting is June 14th -- he has set up a box in the hall for collecting books and magazines -- he would like to mail it out at the end of that week, so we ask members to drop items by the hall at any time or at that meeting? You can also contact him directly for a transfer or pickup, etc. Bill Ward at (703) 273-6289 or bward@6292kofcva.org

From Mike Chesney:


Wow, never been a recipient of a care package outside of my family. I very much appreciate yours and the council's thoughts and prayers concerning my deployment here in Afghanistan. The conditions here are quite austere and coupled with long work hours (at least makes the time go by quickly) having a package come is certainly the highlight of my day.

Mannie keeps me well stocked with essentials and as a group here we are always sharing the packages we receive from family members. Coffee is a high demand item here (Starbucks is a favorite among the group) and best selling books and magazines are always welcomed. 2AA batteries and shaving cream are hard to come by so that would be great as well. Really can't think of much more.

God Bless and all the best to you and the council members of 6292,


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