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Redskin Games at the Hall (Runs through December 2005)

Dec 31, 2005 Redskin Games at the Hall

Once again, our beloved Redskins are going into action and the Hall will be open for all games. Here is what goes on.

All Games:
Chips, peanuts, other munchies, nacho cheese pump, coffee and tea always available. All beverages at Warden Posted prices. These funds are turned over to the Warden for future purchases of said supplies. Food is charged separately from beverages and is used to purchase edibles for next game.

One O’Clock Games:
Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Saurkraut, fried and fresh onions and, sometimes, chili served from half-time on at reasonable prices. This in addition to snacks mentioned above.

Four O’Clock Games:
A dinner will be served at half-time for a reasonable price and hot dogs available for kids who may not like the adult fare.

Night Games:
All games menu above applies. No hot dogs etc. but can be cooked as needed.

Above applies to all games except the Chicago Bears game on September 11th.
This is the Annual Parish Picnic and all food and beverages are free. No nacho cheese on this date.

Note: Hall will be open for pre-season games. All Games info above applies.

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