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Virginia Knight runs 31st Annual Marine Corp Marathon for KOVAR

Nov 30, 2006 Virginia Knight runs 31st Annual Marine Corp Marathon for KOVAR

By Kevin A. McGrail

Bill Ward, the current Grand Knight of the Father Diamond Council #6292 in Fairfax, Virginia, ran this year's Marine Corp Marathon in just 3 hours, 12 minutes and 20 seconds. For those of us, author included, who can't even walk 26.2 miles, let alone drive the same distance in Washington, D.C. traffic as quickly, the feat of completing the race is monumental. However, setting apart runner number 2294 was his choice to raise money to help those with mental retardation as well as awareness for the Knights of Columbus.

Dave Miller &  Bill Ward shave their heads to raise money for Kovar In Virginia, each year the Knights of Columbus put on their famous yellow aprons and distribute Tootsie Rolls while collecting donations to benefit citizens with mental retardation through KOVAR. Founded in 1971, KOVAR has raised more than $12 million and helps God’s special people by funding group homes, transportation, infant intervention, training and the Special Olympics.

This year, Bill Ward single-handedly raised over $4,000 for KOVAR. The only bad news to report is that Past Grand Knight Dave Miller had to make good on his offer to shave his head if the pledges topped $3,500. After raising $2,600 last year as well, I pity the fool who offers to have their head shaved like Mr. T for $5,000 next year!

If you'd like to help KOVAR and support Bill, send a check made out to KOVAR to Knights of Columbus Council 6292, ATTN: KOVAR Marathon, 3702 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax City, VA 22030. Donations are completely tax deductible to extent permissible by law. Wigs, though not tax deductible, may also be sent.

Bill Ward, runner 2294, Race Time in the Marine Corp Marathon 2006

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