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VA Catholic Bishops Applaud Voters' Decision on Marriage Amendment

Nov 30, 2006 To all Fellow Virginia Knights of Columbus:

[Linked] below, please find a copy of a press release issued by the Virginia Catholic Conference on behalf of Bishops Loverde and DiLorenzo, in which they thank the Virginia Knights of Columbus, among others, for their work in the adoption of the Marriage Amendment. Please make the text of this e-mail and press release available to the members of your Council.

If I may, I'd like to add my personal thanks to each of you for your work and support. Your effort was directly instrumental in the adoption of this amendment; I doubt we could have done it without you. FYI, I've attached a copy [linked below] of a CNN voter exit poll for those who want to see how the amendment fared among various voter groups.

The Virginia Marriage Amendment (which will take affect on January 1, 2007) is now doubly important, given the recent New Jersey Supreme Court decision paving the way for the legal recognition of same-sex marriage (or of unions having all the incidents of marriage) in that State, as it appears the Virginia Marriage Amendment will block the recognition in Virginia of any same-sex marriage preformed in New Jersey. Absent the amendment, the proponents of these same-sex marriages would have a good legal argument for forcing Virginia to recognize such a marriage entered into in New Jersey.

In closing, I'm very grateful for your work on this important initiative and hope to be able to work with you next year on our voter registration efforts.

Vivat Jesu!

Terry Wear

Virginia K of C Marriage Amendment Coordinator
e-mail: wearkofc@yahoo.com

See Press Release:
Bishops' Message

See Polling Information:
Polling Data

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