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Fraternalism Night

Jan 19, 2007 Friday, January 19, 2006 7:00 PM, Providence Hall

Come join your Brother Knights for a fun-filled evening of games, movies, and home-cooked spaghetti. We will be playing some games (cards and a selection of board games will be available), eating the Purtill Boys' home cooked spaghetti (nothing screams good eats like 2 Irish boys fixing Italian food), and screening the blockbuster film Bubb Ho-Tep (reviewed as the definitive "evil cowboy-hat-wearing soul-sucking Mummy that battles Elvis Presley and John F. Kennedy for control of an East Texas nursing home" movie).

Come out for a fun filled night of Fraternalism, play some cards (maybe even a game of Risk?), watch the final performance of screen legend Ossie Davis (yes, he plays JFK in the movie), and get your fill of that Irish pasta. Fun for all is guaranteed (guarantee void in Virginia). All this for $5 at the door, what a bargain. All are welcome, including any prospective members you think might enjoy the evening.

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